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Educational Loans in Tanzania

We are working to gather information on all "Educational Loan Providers" on this page.

If you are an education loan provider write an email to us to include your company's name in the list at

Loan Providers in Tanzania

We are working to gather information on all "Loan Providers" on this page.

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Insurance Companies in Tanzania

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Mesothelioma Treatment in Tanzania

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Web Hosting in Tanzania

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Domain Registration in Tanzania

Domain Registrars in Tanzania

Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC) is the Internet registry for .tz domain names. We manage a system that locates where a .tz mail or web server is located.Through a consultative process, Tanzania Network information Centre (tzNIC), a not-for-Profit Company was established and registered (in 2006) to administer and manage the operations of the Tanzania country code Top Level Domain (.tz ccTLD). tzNIC is a limited company (by guarantee) with 2 founding members - TCRA (the regulator) and TISPA (the association of ISPs).

There are many accredited registrars from where you can register your .tz domains

Some of them are as follows:

  • 1GB space
  • 10GB monthly Bandwith
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel
Price: Tshs. 75,000

Extreme Web Technologies
  • 0.5GB space
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • cPanel
Price: Tshs. 115,000

  • 10MB space
  • 1000MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • cPanel
Price: USD: 15/Month plus USD 25 setup fee

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Shopping Malls in Tanzania

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Old Cars in Tanzania

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New Cars in Tanzania

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Electronic Shops in Tanzania

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IT companies in Tanzania

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A/C Installations and Repairers in Tanzania

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Revenue Authority in Tanzania

The following is the website of the Revenue Authority of Tanzania.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amusement Park in Tanzania

Amusement Parks in Tanzania


Friday, May 13, 2011

Al Muntazir School

Al Muntazir Schools, is a collection of schools, providing education from pre-school to A-levels, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The school is run by the Shia Ithna'sheri Jamaat, Central Board of Education (CBE) whose current chairman is Dr. Jaffer Dharsee. The CBE heads and members are elected by members of the Jamaat.

The Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary is a Cambridge Centre offering the CIE Exams to School and Private Candidates.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

International School Moshi

International School Moshi, on the slopes of Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, was founded in 1969 and now has 420 students from 46 nationalities on two campuses in Moshi and Arusha. Moshi campus has 230 students, including 105 boarders, and offers a full range of courses from pre-kindergarten to International Baccalaureate Diploma. It has been an International Baccalaureate World school since 1977. Arusha campus has 190 day students, and offers courses from pre-kindergarten to grade 10. It has been an IB World school since 2007.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanzania Revenue Authority

The following is the website of Tanzania Revenue Authority.

Tanzania Revenue Authority

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cashewnut Board of Tanzania

The following website is of Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT).

Cashewnut Board of Tanzania

Friday, April 8, 2011

Poultry Farms in Tanzania

Poultry Farms in Tanzania

Poutry Farm Ltd
Dar es Salaam

Kibo Poultry Products Ltd

Zanzibar Poultry Company

Tomato Limited Holding
Tomato Holding Limited

National Poultry Co. Ltd
Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Poultry Farms Limited

With Animal to Z Feeds
A to Z Animal Feeds
Dar es Salaam Morogoro Road

Animal Mbagala & Poultry Feed Ltd
Mbagala Animal & Poultry Feed Ltd
Dar es Salaam

Tomatho Ltd Holding
Tomatho Holding Ltd

Mkuza Poultry & Dairy farm
Mkuza Poultry & Dairy farm

Kiluvya Poultry Products KPP
Dar es Salaam Samora Avenue/ Azikiwe Street

Sports shirt Italia T Limited
Pollo Italia (T) Limited
Dar es Salaam Nyerere Road

Poultry Project Kibaha Education Centers

Mkuza Chicks Limited
Dar es Salaam Azikiwe Street

Kijenge Animals Poultry Feed

Visiga Poultry Farm

Marungu Dairy Poultry Farm

Poutry Farm Peramiho
Ruvuma (Songea)

Euro Poultry T Ltd
Dar es Salaam

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embassies in Tanzania

List of Embassies in Tanzania

Algeria Embassy

Angola Embassy

Australia Embassy

Austrai Embassy

Bangladesh Embassy

Belgium Embassy

Botswana Embassy

Burundi Embassy

Cameroon Embassy

Canada Embassy

China Embassy

Cote D'ivoire Embassy

Cuba Embassy

Cyprus Embassy

Czech Republic Embassy

Denmark Embassy

DRC (Congo) Embassy

Egypt Embassy

Eritrea Embassy

Ethiopia Embassy

Finland Embassy

France Embassy

Germany Embassy

Ghana Embassy

Greece Embassy

Guyana Embassy

Holy See Embassy (Vatican)

Hungary Embassy

Iceland Embassy

India Embassy

Indonesia Embassy

Iran Embassy

Ireland Embassy

Israel Embassy

Italy Embassy

 Jamaica Embassy

Japan Embassy

Kenya Embassy

Korea Embassy


Lesotho Embassy

Liberia Embassy

Libya Embassy

Malawi Embassy

Mali Embassy

Mexico Embassy

Mongolia Embassy

Morocco Embassy

Mozambique Embassy

Namibia Embassy

Nepal Embassy

Netherlands Embassy

New Zealand Embassy

Nicaragua Embassy

Niger Embassy

Nigeria Embassy

Norwegian Embassy

Oman Embassy

Palestine Embassy

Poland Embassy

Portugal Embassy

Romania Embassy

Russia Embassy

Rwanda Embassy

Saudi Arabia Embassy

Senegal Embassy

Sierra Leone Embassy

Slovak Republic Embassy

South Africa Embassy

Spain Embassy

Sri-Lanka Embassy

Sudan Embassy

Swaziland Embassy

Sweden Embassy

Switzerland Embassy

Syria Embassy

Thailand Embassy

Turkey Embassy

Uganda Embassy

United Kingdom Embassy

USA Embassy

Yemen Embassy

Yugoslavia Embasssy

Zambia Embassy

Zimbabwe Embassy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Embassies in Tanzania

From this you can get a list of all the embassies in Tanzania.

List of Embassies in Tanzania.

Indian Embassy in Tanzania

Indian Embassy in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam

National website of the United Republic of Tanzania

Website of Government of Tanzania

Ministry of Finance

Following is the link of Ministry of Finance of Tanzania.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Following is the link of Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Airports in Tanzania

List of Airports in Tanzania

Location servedICAOIATAAirport name
ArushaHTARARKArusha Airport
BukobaHTBUBKZBukoba Airport
ChunyaHTCHChunya Airport
Dar es SalaamHTDADARJulius Nyerere International Airport
DodomaHTDODODDodoma Airport
IringaHTIRIRIIringa Airport
KigomaHTKATKQKigoma Airport
KilimatindeHTKTKilimatinde Airport
Kilwa MasokoHTKIKIYKilwa Masoko Airport
KongwaHTKOKongwa Airport
Lake ManyaraHTLMLKYLake Manyara Airport
LindiHTLILDILindi Kikwetu Airport
MafiaHTLMMFAMafia Airport
MafingaHTSHMafinga Airport
MasasiHTMIXMIMasasi Airport
MbeyaHTMBMBIMbeya Airport
MomboHTMOMombo Airport
MorogoroHTMGMorogoro Airport
MoshiHTMSQSIMoshi Airport
Mount KilimanjaroHTKJJROKilimanjaro International Airport
MpandaHTMPMpanda Airport
MpwapwaHTMXMpwapwa Airport
MtwaraHTMTMYWMtwara Airport
MusomaHTMUMUZMusoma Airport
MwaduiHTMDMWNMwadui Airport
MwanzaHTMDMWZMwanza Airport
NachingweaHTNANCHNachingwea Airport
NgaraHTNRNgara Airport
NjombeHTNJJOMNjombe Airport
PembaHTPEPMAPemba Airport
SameHTSESame Airport
SeroneraHTSNSEUSeronera Airport
ShinyangaHTSYSHYShinyanga Airport
SingidaHTSDSingida Airport
SongeaHTSOSGXSongea Airport
SumbawangaHTSUSUTSumbawanga Airport
TaboraHTTBTBOTabora Airport
TangaHTTGTGTTanga Airport
TunduruHTTUTunduru Airport
UramboHTURUrambo Airport
West KilimanjaroHTWKWest Kilimanjaro Airport
ZanzibarHTZAZNZZanzibar International Airport

Banks in Tanzania

This is a list of commercial banks in Tanzania

National Commercial Banks
1.Access Bank
2.Advans Bank Tanzania
3.Akiba Commercial Bank
4.Azania Bank
6.Bank M
7.Bank of Africa
8.Bank of Baroda (Tanzania)
9.Bank of India (Tanzania)
10.Barclays Bank
12.Commercial Bank of Africa (Tanzania)
13.CRDB Bank
14.Diamond Trust Bank Tanzania
16.Exim Bank (Tanzania)
17.FBME Bank
18.Habib African Bank
19.I&M Bank (Tanzania)
20.International Commercial Bank
21.Kenya Commercial Bank
22.Mkombozi Commercial Bank
23.National Bank of Commerce (Tanzania)
24.National Microfinance Bank
25.NIC Bank Tanzania
26.People's Bank of Zanzibar
27.Stanbic Bank
28.Standard Chartered Bank
29.United Bank for Africa
30.Zenith Bank

Regional Commercial Banks
1.Kilimanjaro Co-operative Bank
2.Dar es Salaam Community Bank
3.Mbinga Community Bank
4.Mwanga Community Bank
5.Kagera Farmers Co-operative Bank
6.Uchumi Commercial Bank
7.Tandahimba Community Bank
8.Njombe Community Bank

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Universities in Tanzania

This is a list of universities in Tanzania.

Ardhi University, established in 2007
Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU), established 1997
International Medical and Technological University (IMTU), established 1995
Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies
Mount Meru University
Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS)
Muslim University of Morogoro (MUM)
Mzumbe University (MU)
Open University of Tanzania (OUT)
Ruaha University College (RUCO)
St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)

St. John University of Tanzania (SJUT)
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)
State University of Zanzibar
Theophile Kisanji University
Tumaini University (TU)
University of Bukoba
University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), established in 1970 from the split of the University of East Africa
University of Dodoma, established in 2007
Zanzibar University (ZU)
Kampala International University (KIU) Established in 2008 as a distant learning institution.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Schools in Tanzania

The following is a list of schools in Tanzania:

(Ttc) Shule Ya Vidudu, Dar Es Salaam
Academic International Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Academic International Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Kinondoni
Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam
Aga Khan Primary School, Dar es Salaam
Aga Khan Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Agakhan Nursery School, Arusha
Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary
Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary, Mwika-Marangu
Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary, Marangu
Airwing Secondary, Dar Es Salaam
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools, Dar es Salaam
Al Haramain Isl. Seminary, Dar Es Salaam
Al-Farouq Islamic Seminary, Dar Es Salaam
Al-Haramain Islamic High School, Dar Es Salaam
Al Muntazir School Network, Dar es Salaam
Amani Primary School, Dodoma
Arusha Day Secondary School, Arusha
Arusha International School, Arusha
Arusha Meru Secondary School, Arusha
Arusha Modern School, Arusha
Arusha School, Arusha
Arusha Secondary, Arusha
Ashira Girls, Marangu
Ashira Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
Azania Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Azania Secondary School, Ilala
Azimio Primary School, Mbeya
Bagamoyo Secondary School, Bagamoyo
Benjamin Mkapa (City), Dar Es Salaam
Benjamin William Mkapa High School, Dar Es Salaam
Bihawana Secondary School, Dodoma
Bihawana Seminary, Dodoma
Bilele Primary School, Bukoba
Binza Primary School, Maswa

Bishop Moshi Secondary, Moshi
Boma Primary School, Korogwe
Bombo Primary School, Tanga
Bondeni Secondary School, Arusha
Boza Secondary School, Pangani
Braeburn Schools, Arusha
Bukoba Sec, Bukoba
Bulima Secondary School, Mwanza
Buluba, Shinyanga
Bunge Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Bunge Primary School, Ilala
Bungo Primamary School, Morogoro
Buzuluga Primary School, Mwanza
Bwiru Boys Technical Secondary School, Mwanza
Bwiru Girls Secondary School, Mwanza
Canon Andrea Mwaka School, Dodoma
Central Secondary School, Dodoma
Chang'Ombe Primary School, Temeke
Chang'Ombe Secondary School, Temeke
Changa Primary School, Tanga
Changombe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Cheyo"A"Primary School, Tabora
Chidya Boys Secondary School, Masasi
Chopra Secondary School,The, Mwanza
City Secondary School, Dodoma
D.A.Girls School, Dar Es Salaam
Dakawa, Morogoro
dakawa, Dakawa
Dakawa High School, Mvomero -Morogoro
Dar es Salaam Independent School, Dar es Salaam
Dar Es Salaam Maritime Institute, Dar Es Salaam
Darajani Primary School, Tanga
Dodoma Mlimani Primary School, Dodoma
Dodoma Secondary School, Dodoma
[[East Coast Secondary School, Kibaha,
Enaboishu, Arumeru
Enaboishu High School, Arusha
Euckenford Secondary School, Tanga
Faculty Of Electrical And Computer Systems Engineering, Dar Es Salaam
Feza Boys Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Feza Nursery School-Dar'es-selam-Mikoceheni
Feza Nursery School-Dar'es-selam-Tegeta
Feza Nursery School-Zanzibar
Feza Primary School-Dar'es-selam-Mikoceheni
Feza Primary School-Zanzibar
Feza Boy's Secondary School-Dar'es-selam-Tegeta
Feza Boy's High School-Dar'es-selam-Tegeta
Feza Girl's Secondary School-Dar'es-selam
Fidel Castro, Chake Chake
Forest Hill Secondary School, Morogoro
Forodhani Hotel & Tourism, Dar Es Salaam
Forodhani Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
[[Forodhani Secondary [was St. Joseph's Secondary]]], Dar Es Salaam
Galanos Secondary School, Tanga
Gangilonga Primary School, Iringa
Gilman Rutihinda, Dar Es Salaam
Green Accress, Kinondoni
Green Acres High School, Dar Es Salaam
H H The Aga Khan Primary School, Mbeya
Haile Selassie, Zanzibar
Hananasif Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Haven of Peace Academy, Dar-es-Salaam
Hedaru Secondary School, Hedaru
Highland, Iringa
Ifakara, Ifakara
Ifunda Tech, Iringa Rural
Ifunda Technical Sec. School, Iringa
Ifunda Technical Sec.School, Mufindi
Ihungo Secondary, Bukoba
Ikizu High School, Musoma
Ikizu Secondary School, Musoma
Ilboru, Arusha
Ilboru, Arumeru
Ilboru Secondary School, Arusha
Imboru Secondary, Mbulu
Indian Expatriate Study Group, Dar Es Salaam
Institute For Information Technology, Dar Es Salaam
International School Moshi, Moshi
International School Moshi, Arusha Campus
International School of Tanganyika, Dar Es Salaam
Irambo, Mbeya
Iringa Girls, Iringa
Isamilo International School Mwanza, Mwanza
Isamilo Primary School, Mwanza
Isanga Primary School, Mbeya
Iyunga Secondary (Technical) School, Mbeya
Iyunga Secondary School, Mbeya
Jaffery High School, Arusha, Tanzania
Jamhuri High Secondary School, Dodoma
Jamhuri Primary School, Moshi
Jangwan Girls, Dar Es Salaam
Jangwani Girls Secondary School, Ilala
Jangwani High School, Dar Es Salaam
Jangwani Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Jitegemee, Dar Es Salaam
Jitegemee (Jkt) Secondary And High School, Temeke
Jitegemee Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Jitegemee Secondary School, Kinondoni
Jitegemeen (Jkt) Secondary And High School, Temeke
Jkt High School, Dar Es Salaam
K/Ndege Primary School, Dodoma
Kaengesa Seminary, Sumbawanga
Kahama Secondary School, Kahama
Kahororo Secondary School, Bukoba
Kajificheni Primary School, Zanzibar
Kaloleni Primary School, Arusha
Kantalamba High School, Sumbawanga
Karatu Secondary School, Karatu
Karimjee Secondary School, Tanga
Karume Primary School, Kinondoni
Katubuka Primary School, Kigoma
Kawe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kazima Secondary School, Tabora
Kibaha Sec School, Kibaha
Kibaha Secondary School, Kibaha
Kibamba Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kibasila Primary School, Temeke
Kibasila Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
kibiti secondary school, Kibiti
Kibo Primary School, Moshi
Kibo Primary School, Kilimanjaro
Kibo Secondary School, Moshi
Kibohehe Secondary School, Moshi
Kibosho Girls Secondary School, Moshi
Kibosho Girls Secondary School, Kibosho
Kichangani Primary School., Iringa
Kidugala Lutheran Seminary, Njombe
Kidugala Lutheran Seminary Secondary School, Njombe
Kifungilo Girls' Secondary School, Lushoto
Kifungilo Primary School, Tanga
Kigoma Secondary School, Kigoma
Kigonsera, Songea
Kigurunyembe Primary School, Morogoro
Kigurunyembe Secondary School, Morogoro
Kijenge Primary School, Arusha
Kilakala, Morogoro
Kilakala Girls Sec School, Morogoro
Kilimanjaro Academy, Moshi
Kilimanjaro Boys Secondary School, Mkuu - Rombo
Kilimanjaro Primary School, Moshi
Kilosa Agricultural Secondary School, Morogoro
Kimandolu Primary School, Arusha
Kimandolu Secondary School, Arusha
Kinondoni Muslim Secondary School, Dar Salaam
Kinondoni Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kinondoni Secondary School, Kinondoni
Kipawa Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kiraeni, Mkuu - Rombo
Kiraeni Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
Kisarawe Lutheran Junior Seminary, Kisarawe
Kisongo Academic College, Arusha
Kisutu Girls Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kisutu Girls Secondary School, Ilala
Kisutu Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kitangiri Primary School, Mwanza
Kolila Secondary School, Moshi
Kondoa Girls Secondary School, Dodoma

Korogwe Girl'S Secondary School, Tanga
Korogwe Girls High School, Lushoto
Korogwe Girls Secondary School, Korogwe
Kurasini Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kwanza International School, Dar es salaam
Kwiro Secondary School, Mahenge
Lady of mercy School, Arusha
Lake Primary School, Mwanza
Lake Secondary School, Mwanza
Langasani Primary School, Moshi
Laureate International Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Likonde Seminary, Peramiho
Lindi Secondary School, Lindi
Loleza Girls Sec, Mbeya
Loleza Girls Secondary School, Mbeya
Lombeta Secondary School, Moshi
Lomwe Sec.School, Mwanga
Lomwe Secondary School, Usangi
Loyola School, Dar es Salaam
Loyola High School, Dar Es Salaam
Loyola High School, Ilala
Lugalo Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Lugalo Secondary School, Iringa
Lumumba High School, Zanzibar
Lumumba Secondary School, Zanzibar
Lutengano Secondary School, Tukuyu
Lutheran Junior Seminary, Morogoro
Lwandai, Lushoto
Lyalamo Primary School, Iringa
Lyamungo Secondary School, Hai
Mabibo Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Machame Girls, Machame
Machame Girls High School, Machame
Madenge Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mafinga Seminary, Iringa
Mafinga Seminary, Mafinga
Magamba Secondary School, Lushoto
Magereza Primary School, Tukuyu
Majengo, Mbeya
Majengo, Moshi
Majengo High School, Moshi
Majengo Secondary School, Moshi
Majimaji Pr School, Songea
Makoko Seminary, Musoma
Makole Primary School, Dodoma
Makongo High School, Kinondoni
Makongo Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Makongo(Tpdf), Dar Es Salaam
Makumira, Arumeru
Makumira Sec School, USA River
Makumira Secondary School, Arusha
Malangali High School, Mufindi
Malangali High School, Malangali - Iringa
Malangali Secondary School, Iringa
Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary, Mbeya
Mapambano Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mara, Mara
Mara Secondary School, Musoma
Marangu Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
Marian Girls, Bagamoyo
Maringeni, Moshi
Masama Girls Secondary School, Hai
Mashujaa Primary School, Kinondoni
Mashujaa Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Maua Seminary, Moshi
maua Seminary, Kilema
Mawenzi High School, Kilimanjaro
Mawenzi Primary School, Moshi
Mawenzi Secondary School, Moshi
Mazengo Secondary School, Dodoma
Mazengo High School, Dodoma
Mazengo Primary School, Dodoma
Mazengo Technical School, Dodoma
Mbalizi Secondary School, Mbeya
Mbeya Boarding School, Mbeya
Mbeya School, Mbeya
Mbeya Secondary School, Mbeya
Mbezi Beach High School, Dar Es Salaam
Mbuyuni, Morogoro
Mbuyuni Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mchikichini Primary School, Morogoro
Meru Primary School, Arusha
Meta Sec School, Mbeya
Mfaranyaki Primary School, Songea
Mgulani Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mihayo Primary School, Tabora
Mikocheni Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Milambo Secondary School, Tabora
Minaki, Pwani-Kisarawe
Minaki Secondary School, Kisarawe
Mkoani Primary School, Tabora
Mkuu Secondary School, Mkuu - Rombo
Mkwakwani, Tanga
Mkwakwani Primary School, Tanga
Mkwawa High School, Iringa
Mlandege Primary School, Iringa
Mlandizi, Kibaha
Mlimani Primary School, Kinondoni
Mlimani Primary School, Morogoro
Mlimani Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mlimwa Primary School, Dodoma
Mnazi Mmoja Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Modern Nursery School(Tanganyika Meat), Dar Es Salaam
Montfort Agricultural Secondary School, Rujewa
Moringe Sokoine, Monduli
Moringe Sokoine Secondary School, Arusha
Morogoro International School, Morogoro
Morogoro Lutheran Juniour Seminary, Morogoro
Morogoro Secondary School, Morogoro
Moshi High School, Kilimanjaro
Moshi Secondary School, Moshi
Moshi Technical School, Moshi
Moshi Technical Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
Mpechi Primary School, Njombe
Mpwapwa High School, Mpwapwa
Msalato Secondary School, Dodoma
msangani, Kibaha
Msaranga Secondary School, Moshi
Msasani Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Msimbazi Boys Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Msimbazi Mseto, Ilala
Msimbazi Mseto/Primaryschool, Dar Es Salaam
Msolwa Secondary School, Msolwa
Msolwa"St Gaspare" Sec School, Morogoro
Mtejeta Primary School, Mpwapwa
Mtendeni, Dar Es Salaam
Mtwara Technical School, Mtwara
Mugabe Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Muhimbili Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Muhimbili Primary school, Ilala
Mukendo Primary School, Musoma
Muslim School Kinondoni, Dar Es Salaam
Musoma Alliance Secondary School, Musoma
Muungano Primary School, Moshi
Muungano Primary School, Mbeya
Mwadui A Primary School, Shinyanga
Mwadui English Medium school, Mwadui
Mwakaleli Secondary School, Tukuyu
Mwakaleli Secondary School, Mwkaleli
Mwananyamala, Dar Es Salaam
Mwanga Secondary School, Mwanga
Mwanza Sec School, Mwanza
Mwembetogwa Secondary School, Iringa
Mwenge High School, Singida
Mwenge High School., Singida
Mwenge Open Academy, Dar Es Salaam
Mwenge Practical School, Tabora
Mwenge Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Mwenge Primary School, Shinyanga

Mwenge Secondary School, Singida
Mwere Primary School, Morogoro
Mwereni Primary School, Moshi
My World Preschool, Dar Es Salaam
Mzimuni, Dar Es Salaam
Mzizima, Dar Es Salaam
Mzumbe High School, Morogoro
Mzumbe high school, Mzumbe
Mzumbe Secondary School, Morogoro
Namfua Secondary School Kilimanjaro
Namfua Secondary School, Rombo
Namupa Seminary, Lindi
National Board for Accountants And Auditors, Dar Es Salaam
National Board For Materials Management, Dar Es SalaamNaura Primary School, Arusha
Ndanda Secondary School, Mtwara
Ndanda Secondary School, Masasi
Ndanda Secondary School, Ndanda
Ndembela Secondary, Mbeya
Nganza Girls Secondary School, Mwanza
Nganza Secondary School, Mwanza
Ngarenaro, Arusha
Nguzo English Medium Primary School, Morogoro
Nguzo Road, Morogoro
Njombe Secondary School(Njoss), Njombe
Nronga Primary School, Moshi
Nsumba Secondary School, Mwanza
Nyakahoja Primary School, Mwanza
Nyamagana Primary School, Mwanza
Nyanza Primary School, Mwanza
Nyegezi Seminary, Mwanza
Old Moshi Secondary School, Moshi
Olympio Primary School, Ilala
Olympio Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Omumwani, Bukoba
Oysterbay Primary School, Kinondoni
Oysterbay Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Pamba Secondary School, Mwanza
Pandahill Secondary School, Mbeya
Peramiho Girls', Ruvuma
Popatlal, Tanga
Popatlal International (English Medium) Primary School, Tanga
Popatlal Secondary School, Tanga
Pugu High School, Ilala
Pugu High School, Dar Es Salaam
Pugu Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Ruaha Secondary School, Iringa
Rugambwa, Bukoba
Rumuli Primary School, Bukoba
Rungwe Secondary School, Rungwe
Ruvu Secondary School, Kibaha
Same Secondary School, Same
Sanawari Primary School, Arusha
Sangu Secondary, Mbeya
School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania
Sekei Secondary School, Arusha
Sengerema Secondary School, Mwanza
Sengerema High School, Mwanza
Sengerema Secondary School, Sengerema
Shaaban Robert Secondary School, Dar es Salaam
Shabaan Robert, Dar Es Salaam
Shaban Robert, Ilala
Shighatini, Shighatini
Shighatini Secondary School, Mwanga
Shinyanga Commercila Institute, Shinyanga
Shinyanga Secondary School (Shy Bush), Shinyanga
Shule Ya Vidudu Chang'Ombe (Ttc), Dar Es Salaam
Siha, Moshi
Sinza (Mihogon)Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Sisimba, Mbeya
Songea Boys Secondary School, Songea
Songea Girls Secondary School, Songea
St Mary Goreti, Moshi
St Mary'S High School Mbezi Beach Dar Es Salaam, Kinondoni
St. Anthony's Sec School, Temeke
St. Anthony's Sec School, Dar Es Salaam
St. Anthony,S Secondary School, Temeke
St. Constantine'S School, Arusha
St. Constantines, Arusha
St. Dorcas Leadership Seminary, Kilimanjaro
St. Francis Girls' Secondary School, Mbeya
St. Francis Kasita Seminary, Mahenge
St. James' Seminary, Moshi
St. John Bosco'S Seminary Rutabo, Muleba
St. Joseph'S Soni Seminary, Soni
St. Mary'S Junior Seminary (Visiga), Kibaha
St. Mary'S Mazinde Juu, Lushoto
St. Mary's Seminary Rubya, Muleba
St. Marys International School, Dar Es Salaam
St. Michael'S School, Soni
St.Mary Goreti Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
St.Peter'S Junior Seminary, Morogoro
Suji Secondary School, Same
Tabata Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Tabora Boys, Tabora
Tabora Girls Secondary School, Tabora
Tambaza, Kinondoni
Tambaza secondary & high school, Dar Es Salaam
Tambaza Secondary School, Ilala
Tanga Technical School, Tanga
Tanzania Adventist Primary School, Arusha
Taqwa Secondary School, Mwanza
Tarakea High School, Tarakea-Rombo
Tegeta High School, Kinondoni
Temeke Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Thaqaafa, Temeke
Themi Primary School, Arusha
Tosamaganga, Iringa
Tosamaganga, Iringa Rural
Town Primary School, Shinyanga
Traime High School, Tarime
Tumaini Secondary School, Singida
Tumbi Primary School, Kibaha
Tumekuja Secondary School, Zanzibar
Ubungo, Dar Es Salaam
Ubungo N.H Primary School, Kinondoni
Ubungo National Housing Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Uchama Secondary School, Nzega
Uhuru Primary School, Arusha
Uhuru Secondary School, Shinyanga
Ukonga Primary School, Ilala
Ukonga Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Ulayasi Secondary School, Ludewa
Umbwe High School, Kibosho
Umbwe Secondary School, Moshi
Umbwe Secondary School, Kibosho
Umoja Primary &Nursery School., Mbeya
Ungwasi Secondary School, Rombo
Ununio Islamic, Kinondoni
Upanga Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Uru Seminary, Moshi
Usa Seminary, Arusha
Usagara, Tanga
Usagara Sec, Tanga
Ushindi Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Ushindi Primary School, Kinondoni
Utemini, Singida
Uyui Secondary School, Tabora
Vunjo, Mwika-Marangu
Weruweru, Moshi
Weruweru Girls' Sec. School, Kilimanjaro
Weruweru High School, Hai
Weruweru Secondary School, Kilimanjaro
Wigehe Secondary School, Kahama
Wilolesi Primary School, Iringa
Yakini School, Arusha
Ywca, Dar Es Salaam
Zanaki Girls Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Zanaki Primary School, Dar Es Salaam
Zanaki Girls Secondary School, Ilala
Zanaki Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam
Kimanyatu Primary School, Rombo, Moshi
Ubetu Primary School, Rombo, Moshi
Urauri primary School, Rombo, Moshi
Kwangaleku Secondary School, Rombo, Moshi
Nanjara Primary & Secondary School, Rombo Moshi.
Nayeme Primary School, Rombo Moshi
Useri Secondary School,Rombo Moshi
Lowerere Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Nduweni Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Kikelelwa Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Motamburu Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Mokombero Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Wama Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Kasirwa Primary school, Rombo, Moshi
Klawori Primary school, Rombo, Moshi

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hospitals in Tanzania

Hospitals in Tanzania

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

West Meru Hospital, Tenguru
Mount Meru Government Hospital, Arusha
Huruma Hospital, Rombo District, Kilimanjaro Region
St.Walburg's Hospital - Nyangao, Lindi Region
Mkomaindo Hospital, Masasi
Morogoro Regional Hospital
Ebrahim Haji Charitable Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Aga Khan Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Berega Mission Hospital - Morogoro
Bombo Hospital - Tanga
Bugando Medical Center - Mwanza
Chimala Mission Hospital - Chimala
Coptic Medical Center - Musoma (Mara Region)
Dodoma Regiona Hospital
Endulen Hospital - Ngorongoro
Afya Medicare Specialized Center-Mbeya
Agostino Palace General Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Gonja Hospital - Usambara
Hindu Mandal Hospital - Dar es Salaam

Iambi Hospital - Nkungi Village
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) - Moshi (Kilimanjaro Region)
Mahenge District Hospital - Ulanga District
Mazimbu Hospital(SUA)-Morogoro
Mbesa Mission Hospital - Tunduru (Ruvuma Region)
Medewell Health Centre
Mbalizi council designated hospital- Ifisi, Mbeya district
Mission Mikocheni Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Mtwara Regional Hospital - Ligula, Mtwara
Muhimbili National Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute - Dar es Salaam
Selian Lutheran Hospital - Arusha
Nyerere (Mugumu) Designated District Hospital, Mugumu, Mara
Sokoine Regional Hospital - Lindi
St. Elizabeth Hospital - Arusha
St Luke's hospital - Milo, Tanzania
St. Lucie Hospital- Kilimanjaro region
Tanzania Heart Institute - Dar es Salaam
Tumbi Hospital - Kibaha (Pwani Region)

Tanzania Occupational Health Service (TOHS) - Nyerere Road, Dar Es Salaam, near TAZARA Traffic Light.
Wasso Hospital - Loliondo
Kitete hospital - Tabora
Haydom Lutheran Hospital - Mbulu District
Huruma Hospital- Rombo, Kilimanjaro region
St. Francis Hospital Ifakara - Kilombero District
St. Benedict's Hospital - Ndanda (Mtwara Region)
Rulenge Mission Hospital
Murugwanza hospital
Mwambani Hospital - Mkwajuni, Mbeya District
Mbeya Referral Hospital - City of Mbeya, Mbeya Region
Mbozi Mission Hospital - Moravian Church Southern Tanzania, Mbeya
Bunda Designated District Hospital - Mara
Teule Designated District Hospital - Muheza, Tanga Region
Mvumi Mission Hospital (Designated District Hospital) - Mvumi, Dodoma
Berega Mission Hospital - Berega, Morogoro
Dodoma Christian Medical Centre - Dodoma
Kilimatinde Mission Hospital - Kilimatinde, Manyoni, Singida Region
Kongwa District Hospital - Kongwa, Dodoma
Mpwapwa District Hospital - Mpwapwa, Dodoma
Nkoaranga Mission Hospital - Nkoaranga, USA River, Arusha
Aghakan Hospital - Dodoma
Ocean Road Hospital - Dar es Salaam
Matiazo mission Hospital Kigoma
Kabanga Mission Hospital Kasulu Kigoma
Maweni Regional Hospital Kigoma
St. Joseph's Mission Hospital-Peramiho, Songea, Ruvuma
Ilula Lutheran Hospital - Kilolo Iringa.
Kiomboi District Hospital, Kiomboi-Iramba, Constructed in 1963-66 originally as Kiomboi Lutheran Hospital, Augustana Lutheran Mission, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Nkinga Mission Hospital - Nkinga
Sumve Designated District Hospital - Sumve
Nyakahanga Hospital
Same District Hospital - Same
Ndala Mission hospital- Ndala (Tabora)
Shirati K.M.T. Hospital (Mara)
Trauma Centre & Well Woman Clinic (Dar es Salaam)
Ilembula Lutheran Hospital - Njombe

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cities in Tanzania

List of cities in Tanzania.



Chake Chake

Dar es Salaam
Dodoma (Capital city)




Kilwa Kivinje
Kilwa Masoko

Loliondo (village)

Mbamba Bay







Usa River (Tanzania)