Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embassies in Tanzania

List of Embassies in Tanzania

Algeria Embassy

Angola Embassy

Australia Embassy

Austrai Embassy

Bangladesh Embassy

Belgium Embassy

Botswana Embassy

Burundi Embassy

Cameroon Embassy

Canada Embassy

China Embassy

Cote D'ivoire Embassy

Cuba Embassy

Cyprus Embassy

Czech Republic Embassy

Denmark Embassy

DRC (Congo) Embassy

Egypt Embassy

Eritrea Embassy

Ethiopia Embassy

Finland Embassy

France Embassy

Germany Embassy

Ghana Embassy

Greece Embassy

Guyana Embassy

Holy See Embassy (Vatican)

Hungary Embassy

Iceland Embassy

India Embassy

Indonesia Embassy

Iran Embassy

Ireland Embassy

Israel Embassy

Italy Embassy

 Jamaica Embassy

Japan Embassy

Kenya Embassy

Korea Embassy


Lesotho Embassy

Liberia Embassy

Libya Embassy

Malawi Embassy

Mali Embassy

Mexico Embassy

Mongolia Embassy

Morocco Embassy

Mozambique Embassy

Namibia Embassy

Nepal Embassy

Netherlands Embassy

New Zealand Embassy

Nicaragua Embassy

Niger Embassy

Nigeria Embassy

Norwegian Embassy

Oman Embassy

Palestine Embassy

Poland Embassy

Portugal Embassy

Romania Embassy

Russia Embassy

Rwanda Embassy

Saudi Arabia Embassy

Senegal Embassy

Sierra Leone Embassy

Slovak Republic Embassy

South Africa Embassy

Spain Embassy

Sri-Lanka Embassy

Sudan Embassy

Swaziland Embassy

Sweden Embassy

Switzerland Embassy

Syria Embassy

Thailand Embassy

Turkey Embassy

Uganda Embassy

United Kingdom Embassy

USA Embassy

Yemen Embassy

Yugoslavia Embasssy

Zambia Embassy

Zimbabwe Embassy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Embassies in Tanzania

From this you can get a list of all the embassies in Tanzania.

List of Embassies in Tanzania.

Indian Embassy in Tanzania

Indian Embassy in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam

National website of the United Republic of Tanzania

Website of Government of Tanzania

Ministry of Finance

Following is the link of Ministry of Finance of Tanzania.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Following is the link of Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Airports in Tanzania

List of Airports in Tanzania

Location servedICAOIATAAirport name
ArushaHTARARKArusha Airport
BukobaHTBUBKZBukoba Airport
ChunyaHTCHChunya Airport
Dar es SalaamHTDADARJulius Nyerere International Airport
DodomaHTDODODDodoma Airport
IringaHTIRIRIIringa Airport
KigomaHTKATKQKigoma Airport
KilimatindeHTKTKilimatinde Airport
Kilwa MasokoHTKIKIYKilwa Masoko Airport
KongwaHTKOKongwa Airport
Lake ManyaraHTLMLKYLake Manyara Airport
LindiHTLILDILindi Kikwetu Airport
MafiaHTLMMFAMafia Airport
MafingaHTSHMafinga Airport
MasasiHTMIXMIMasasi Airport
MbeyaHTMBMBIMbeya Airport
MomboHTMOMombo Airport
MorogoroHTMGMorogoro Airport
MoshiHTMSQSIMoshi Airport
Mount KilimanjaroHTKJJROKilimanjaro International Airport
MpandaHTMPMpanda Airport
MpwapwaHTMXMpwapwa Airport
MtwaraHTMTMYWMtwara Airport
MusomaHTMUMUZMusoma Airport
MwaduiHTMDMWNMwadui Airport
MwanzaHTMDMWZMwanza Airport
NachingweaHTNANCHNachingwea Airport
NgaraHTNRNgara Airport
NjombeHTNJJOMNjombe Airport
PembaHTPEPMAPemba Airport
SameHTSESame Airport
SeroneraHTSNSEUSeronera Airport
ShinyangaHTSYSHYShinyanga Airport
SingidaHTSDSingida Airport
SongeaHTSOSGXSongea Airport
SumbawangaHTSUSUTSumbawanga Airport
TaboraHTTBTBOTabora Airport
TangaHTTGTGTTanga Airport
TunduruHTTUTunduru Airport
UramboHTURUrambo Airport
West KilimanjaroHTWKWest Kilimanjaro Airport
ZanzibarHTZAZNZZanzibar International Airport

Banks in Tanzania

This is a list of commercial banks in Tanzania

National Commercial Banks
1.Access Bank
2.Advans Bank Tanzania
3.Akiba Commercial Bank
4.Azania Bank
6.Bank M
7.Bank of Africa
8.Bank of Baroda (Tanzania)
9.Bank of India (Tanzania)
10.Barclays Bank
12.Commercial Bank of Africa (Tanzania)
13.CRDB Bank
14.Diamond Trust Bank Tanzania
16.Exim Bank (Tanzania)
17.FBME Bank
18.Habib African Bank
19.I&M Bank (Tanzania)
20.International Commercial Bank
21.Kenya Commercial Bank
22.Mkombozi Commercial Bank
23.National Bank of Commerce (Tanzania)
24.National Microfinance Bank
25.NIC Bank Tanzania
26.People's Bank of Zanzibar
27.Stanbic Bank
28.Standard Chartered Bank
29.United Bank for Africa
30.Zenith Bank

Regional Commercial Banks
1.Kilimanjaro Co-operative Bank
2.Dar es Salaam Community Bank
3.Mbinga Community Bank
4.Mwanga Community Bank
5.Kagera Farmers Co-operative Bank
6.Uchumi Commercial Bank
7.Tandahimba Community Bank
8.Njombe Community Bank